seeQTL: A searchable human eQTL browser and database


Key features:

  • Multiple datasets with lymphoblastoid cell line, brain and monocyte

  • Searchable database by dbSNP ID, Gene Symbol and genomic coordinate

  • Segment plot of cis-eQTL for each gene

    • Bar shows location of gene body.

    • Segment shows SNP location.

    • Connected lines indicate cis-eQTL association

    • The height and color of each segment indicates strength of eQTL.

  • Manhattan plot for both cis-eQTL and trans-eQTL

    • Gene based plots of associated eQTLs in the genomic window

    • Multiple plots if multiple genes in the genomic window

  • Population specific eQTL on different tracks or subtracks

  • Consensus score of each eQTL for HapMap LCL samples

  • Users’ selection of favored datasets or tracks

License agreement:

The eQTL browser of seeQTL is under the Perl Artistic License, which allows for unrestricted use including commercial use.


Xia, K., Shabalin, A.A., Huang, S., Madar, V., Zhou, Y.H., Wang, W., Zou, F., Sun, W., Sullivan, P.F. and Wright FA. (2011) seeQTL: A searchable database for human eQTLs. Bioinformatics (2012) 28(3): 451-452 (PubMed)